Global Winter Wonderland is Back

Taking a concept with a global vision usually starts with a simple observation – the fact that people all over the world have come to the United States and still longed for a piece of old home in their new home. This was the concept behind the Global Winter Wonderland according to the International Cultural Exchange Group’s president, Lulu Huang.

The Global Winter Wonderland, produced by ICEG was the most recent large-scale high-profile event to take place at the SDCCU Stadium ever since hosting the Holiday of Lights at its Del Mar Fairgrounds. The event will cover the seventeen-acre stretch found in the area and get metamorphosed into a sea of about a hundred handcrafted lanterns powered by millions of LED lights. The lanterns will be seen in various shapes and sizes.

This festival of lanterns is set to take off on 19 November 2017 to run until 7 January 2018 under the theme “Holidays Around The World”. It will feature at least 16 structures of life-sized proportions shipped from around the world. The list of confirmed participants will come from India, France, England, Thailand, China, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.

Each country is set to present a lantern structure version of their respective tourism landmarks. India will be represented by a LED-light powered replica of the Taj Mahal. England will send a LED-light powered replica of the London Bridge. And France, well, as the City of Lights, will naturally have their replica of their national treasure, the Eiffel Towel, to grace the Global Winter Wonderland event.

Huang told the San Diego Union-Tribune about the idea from which the Global Winter Wonderland concept sprung up. “I wanted to create an event where people of all cultures and backgrounds could come together to celebrate family, friends and the holiday season.” An event that began in 2011, it was so popular that it got exported to other cities in California, namely Tulare, Atlanta, and California.

It was a sentiment echoed by the Global Winter Wonderland’s spokesperson, Shane Karimi. “It’s really something that we wanted to bring a regional attraction to. If this is something that happens every year, ideally it becomes a tradition – people from Orange County come down, people from Los Angeles come down – it becomes this thing that people know is happening in San Diego.”

Karimi sees the event as the ultimate reason for even non-California tourists to come to San Diego. A major event foreseen to be the regional tradition for tourists to flock to, it’s the kind of stuff that will spark up interest in San Diego like never before. A tourist attraction that happens only in certain times of the year will give other Americans and tourist a viable reason to go to this side of the San Diego County and be reintroduced to other cultures never been presented this way.

The cultural-based interest would encourage even tourists from across the border and get a renewed vision of San Diego. Karimi mentioned how “People from the border and Mexico can drive” all the way to San Diego, particular tourists familiar with the stadium formerly known as the Qualcomm Stadium. As long as California regulars know where the stadium is, it’s no problem. It’s only the name that changed, not the spot.

With his expected influx of tourists, some Airbnb members have started prepping up their homes for the influx of tourists to the San Diego County, some of which might just be coming over for the weekend for that much-awaited getaway. There have been hosts cleaning their homes on their own in a way that they see fit and satisfactory for the expected guests.

This usually involves ridding the rooms to be rented out – if not the house as a whole – to be cleaned up from the corners to the ceiling. Being culturally sensitive to guests that might be coming in from a different country – hence, a different culture – becomes an acceptable excuse to have even the carpets cleaned.

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