Getting Ready for Travel

Getting to your next destination can mean checking out new areas for you to live. Welcome to that part of your life called “adulting”. You can now cook your own food and clean your own room. It is only a matter of time before you can be responsible for your own home.

But since you can’t just call your nearest moving company to get your stuff moved from your bedroom to your new apartment, you will not give that plan a dry run first. That’s what traveling around the metro is for. Spending a few nights at some motor hotel for a couple of nights will give you ample time to decide. If you do have time, make sure you’re hiring licensed professionals offering quality moving services.

But first things first. How prepared do you have to be when traveling?

Buy a carry-on bag.

This is assuming that you don’t have a carry-on bag yet and would often resort to bringing that bulky luggage when going somewhere for a few nights. Like how many of those clothes and shoes really end up getting used for the duration of the stay itself? With clothes that can be stored without having to iron them, you get a reason to bring a smaller bag and pack only the essentials. It also makes it simplifies things during your checkpoint in the airport.

Bring a hat.

A hat or cap to keep your hair in place works. It fits your carry-on bag better too. Compare that experience to bringing the curling iron, flat iron and hair dryer in your luggage, it might be the only item interchangeable with a ponytail band. Remember that you are trying to explore the city that you plan to move into so it involves a lot of walking the cobblestone road and the paved sidewalks. This also brings us to the next point.

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Global Winter Wonderland is Back

Taking a concept with a global vision usually starts with a simple observation – the fact that people all over the world have come to the United States and still longed for a piece of old home in their new home. This was the concept behind the Global Winter Wonderland according to the International Cultural Exchange Group’s president, Lulu Huang.

The Global Winter Wonderland, produced by ICEG was the most recent large-scale high-profile event to take place at the SDCCU Stadium ever since hosting the Holiday of Lights at its Del Mar Fairgrounds. The event will cover the seventeen-acre stretch found in the area and get metamorphosed into a sea of about a hundred handcrafted lanterns powered by millions of LED lights. The lanterns will be seen in various shapes and sizes.

This festival of lanterns is set to take off on 19 November 2017 to run until 7 January 2018 under the theme “Holidays Around The World”. It will feature at least 16 structures of life-sized proportions shipped from around the world. The list of confirmed participants will come from India, France, England, Thailand, China, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.

Each country is set to present a lantern structure version of their respective tourism landmarks. India will be represented by a LED-light powered replica of the Taj Mahal. England will send a LED-light powered replica of the London Bridge. And France, well, as the City of Lights, will naturally have their replica of their national treasure, the Eiffel Towel, to grace the Global Winter Wonderland event.

Huang told the San Diego Union-Tribune about the idea from which the Global Winter Wonderland concept sprung up. “I wanted to create an event where people of all cultures and backgrounds could come together to celebrate family, friends and the holiday season.” An event that began in 2011, it was so popular that it got exported to other cities in California, namely Tulare, Atlanta, and California.

It was a sentiment echoed by the Global Winter Wonderland’s spokesperson, Shane Karimi. “It’s really something that we wanted to bring a regional attraction to. If this is something that happens every year, ideally it becomes a tradition – people from Orange County come down, people from Los Angeles come down – it becomes this thing that people know is happening in San Diego.”

Karimi sees the event as the ultimate reason for even non-California tourists to come to San Diego. A major event foreseen to be the regional tradition for tourists to flock to, it’s the kind of stuff that will spark up interest in San Diego like never before. A tourist attraction that happens only in certain times of the year will give other Americans and tourist a viable reason to go to this side of the San Diego County and be reintroduced to other cultures never been presented this way.

The cultural-based interest would encourage even tourists from across the border and get a renewed vision of San Diego. Karimi mentioned how “People from the border and Mexico can drive” all the way to San Diego, particular tourists familiar with the stadium formerly known as the Qualcomm Stadium. As long as California regulars know where the stadium is, it’s no problem. It’s only the name that changed, not the spot.

With his expected influx of tourists, some Airbnb members have started prepping up their homes for the influx of tourists to the San Diego County, some of which might just be coming over for the weekend for that much-awaited getaway. There have been hosts cleaning their homes on their own in a way that they see fit and satisfactory for the expected guests.

This usually involves ridding the rooms to be rented out – if not the house as a whole – to be cleaned up from the corners to the ceiling. Being culturally sensitive to guests that might be coming in from a different country – hence, a different culture – becomes an acceptable excuse to have even the carpets cleaned.

Others chose to have their cleaning duties outsourced whether partially or as a whole especially when there are some cleaning chores they’re not exactly fond of. This becomes an opportunity for them to call up the company providing the best carpet cleaning services found in the San Diego County itself to get the carpets and rugs cleaned at home for a fee.

When the Checkpoint Turns into a Choke-point

Checkpoint. It is a word that occasionally brings the chill down to your bones. It is that one aspect that makes packing difficult for you because it means opening your luggage temporarily to strangers just to prove to them that you are not a flight risk.

You are not a flight risk. And you can prove that to them. But not because any inconvenience is anticipated, you will not find a way to make that part of your brief travel time convenient for you. The ways are easy. So easy that it can easily be not taken seriously until it’s your turn to be inspected by the TSA.

How to lessen the possibility of getting stuck longer at a chokepoint?

Arriving early.

Sometimes arriving at least an hour before takeoff is not worth it. Delays occur. But the same analogy cannot be applied on the queue for inspection. They would be taking a look at you and your suitcase to see if you haven’t carried anything harmful to the plane.

Two hours before takeoff would be highly recommended. Having your breakfast, lunch or dinner on some fast food joints found at the check-in area would help you kill time while waiting for the call to hop aboard the plane.

Organizing your suitcase.

In case you have not realized yet, certain suitcases have belts and buckles to anticipate the part where it will be pried open for the TSA to check. There is an x-ray machine for the luggage. But opening bags for the airport security to inspect has become standard operating procedure since planes have become the “convenient” option to travel.

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How to Pack Well for your Next Trip

Sometimes you are just too happy to travel that you lose sight of the essentials. Other writers would describe it as missing the forest for the trees. But when you are into hiking and similar touristy stuff, it’s impossible to miss the forest for the trees. So all that is left for you to do is to decide which items to pack before traveling.

Have some paracetamol and ibuprofen ready

If you don’t feel like having a full-on travel first aid kit yet, have at least 5 of these tablets. With the heat of the sun increasing chances of a headache or having joint pain when your trek is not yet done, a quick fix with the help of these pain relievers will come handy.

Picking clothes to pack is easier when folding them after laundry

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to include your favorite tank top in the traveling bag only to find it in the hamper? It means deciding on something else to wear in the duration of the weekend getaway.

When you’re done washing your clothes, you get an idea which items to put in the closet and which pieces of clothing to put in the traveling bag. You end up organizing clothes in two separate areas. Plus it helps in helping you identify what NOT to wear by putting said items in the closet.

Spartan (or Spartan-like shoes) are underrated

This is not about the brand. This is about the comfort. And seriously, they look good on your best walking shorts to strut around the morning after that stay in your chosen bed-and-breakfast. If your travel itinerary includes walking around the city to grab a bite or explore, have some comfortable footwear to make the journey enjoyable for you.

To wrap it up, never forget the basic element of a weekend getaway. Emphasize on the “getaway” part. You just want to get away from all that work-related stress, even just temporarily. So don’t forget to take care of yourself and enjoy without losing sight of what makes you comfortable.

Traveling through the world: the ultimate guide

When it comes to travel through the world, there are a couple of things that you should know and consider. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are going to have the best possible experience and that you will have enough budget for the trip. People don’t always consider these things, and they are just making bookings and start their trip, without even considering these things.

Doing research about all the countries that you want to see

You need to make sure that you are doing research about all the countries that you want to see, before your trip is starting. There are some of the countries in the world that have strange rules and regulations, and if you don’t know these rules and regulations, you can land into some serious trouble.

It is important to make sure that you are familiar with the countries that you are planning to visit to make sure that you are going to have a great experience.

Make a list of attractions that you want to visit during the trip

Each country has its own attractions that you need to see. If you think that you will remember all these attractions when you are on your trip, you are making a big mistake. There is a change that you are going to forget about the most important attraction that you wanted to see.

This is why you should make sure that you are making a list of the attractions that you want to visit during the trip. This is so that you can know for sure, that you won’t forget anyone of these attractions that you are dying to see.

Your budget and the accommodation that you are booking

You should consider your budget for the whole trip. You don’t want to book your accommodation at the best and most expensive hotels and you don’t have any money left for doing some great activities and see the different attractions.

It is much better if you are considering making bookings at the more affordable hotels and backpackers, so that you have more than enough money left to see all the great things and to experience as much as possible during your trip. The last thing that you want is to cut your tour short, because you run out of money.

The ultimate guide to see the world and to tour through the world, is going to make sure that you are going to have the best experience without any problems or without you running out of money during your tour. It is important to make sure that you are also doing research to know that you are aware about all the rules of the country you are planning to visit. Then, you will be able to make sure that you are enjoying the tour and remembering this tour for the rest of your lives.